Photos as a Wedding Guest, October 2007

These were photos I took as a wedding guest in October of 2007 near the beach in Southeastern NC. I have recently received permission from the bride to post them (our schedules just haven't matched up to sit down and go over the shots!)

The ring dog. :)

Dark clouds begin to approach.

Storm's a-brewin'!

Detail of the bride's gorgeous wedding gown.

Accepting the ring from the attendant.

People break out the umbrellas as it begins to rain!

Sandy: "I can't believe it's raining!" (Mercifully it waited until the last words of the vows were spoken!)

Cake topper for the cupcake tower.

I bet Sandy's thinking, "Yes...I have a knife and I know how to use it." ;)

Mark, don't you dare shove that cake up Sandy's nose!

Cake fight!

Cleanup time!

Toast, selective color.

An attendant's bouquet.

Bride's portrait, soft focus.

On the way out.

Portraits: church banquet, Durham, NC, March 2009

These families have graciously given permission to have their portraits published on this blog.