Mary and Paul, Duke University, July 2010

I knew this couple would be a blast to shoot, and I was right. They were such fun, with some goof thrown in! :)


"Katherine expertly, but unobtrusively, guided us through a two-hour photo session that was a lot of fun and resulted in some great pictures -- both posed and candid shots. The day could have potentially been a disaster, since it was overcast, humid, and ultimately, rainy, but Katherine didn't let anything hinder her creatively or personally." -Mary


They are too cute together. ♥

Zigzag Bridge at Duke Gardens.

They're so right for each other, they generate their own steam! Woohoo!

Memories of purposeful wandering around campus.

Yeah, they think the camel's cool, too.

I'm siiiingin' in the rainnnn... ♪


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