Mary and Brad: 37 Years, November 2010

This photoshoot duplicated their original wedding photos, on their 35th wedding anniversary. I also used, for the first time, the method of computational rephotography, or, perspective matching photography. I did not consider using this method until I actually got home and started doing adjustments of the normal photos on the computer. I think they turned out pretty good! The bride wore her original wedding dress and the groom wore a similar suit and tie as the wedding day.

~ ~ ~

This one was made to match the tighter shot of the original photo, in which the photographer used the glow from a lit candle to give the photo a bit of a yellow cast...

...while this wider shot was made to match a photo of their son and daughter in law for framing:

The bride's father, who passed away in 2000, walking his daughter down the aisle once again.

Pledging their love...for another 35 years?

...as the officiant from their wedding in 1973 looks on.

Kissy kissy! The steam generator still works! ;)

Looking forward to their future...

..and thinking back to yesterday.

The {Still} Happy Couple.

A similar shot, although not identical, to their wedding day. They had yellow flowers and posed with their hands on a Bible.

The first day of many more happy years together!

Back in 1973...

...and same shot, with some of the audience included this time.

Another inverse time travel shot.


Me, Myself and I. (And the cat.) May 2010.

Here's some samples of a photoshoot I did with my husband, who's also my handsome assistant (whom I didn't even ask his permission to be put in here...because I knew better!) ;) The date on this is quite old because this was intended to be a gift for Mother[-in-law]'s Day, but life got in the way and it ended up being a...Thanksgiving gift? *is embarrassed*

Some of the brightnesses are a bit off because we were snapping fast and also using the remote.